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The Story of a Hindu Lift Driver that converted to Christianity – “Being a Hindu makes me Happy! “

It is a beautiful Saturday early morning around 6 am heading towards Miami airport with my boyfriend for a short vacation to Jamaica during a  Valentine's week celebration.  We decided not to drive but to take a Lift Cab so we can relax... Continue Reading →

The True Meaning of Aparigraha: Let Go When the Time is Right

I turned the corner onto my street, the street I have called home for the past three years, the one my son took his first steps in, where my daughter spent her first night in the world, where Christmas trees... Continue Reading →

Teaching Yoga during Holidays. When all of you complete me.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am driving excited towards one of the studios I teach. I have been teaching there for a year now and I feel as if I have been teaching for ages. I feel lonely these days... Continue Reading →

Each Mat Tells a Different Story Series: When the Loss Transforms and Heals! Moving Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone You Love

Starting a book about  each mat in the Yoga room. What if it could gently whisper about the stories, pain,sorrow,love,strength,happiness,pain, of the soul who steps on it? Today I chose Karen Lang story. Heartbreaking and Powerful! “Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Quit my Marriage.I Survived It.

I recently read a post by the talented Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Lovefame. She was offering support to a friend who was struggling through a divorce while at the same time publishing a book about marriage. Her post was filled with such... Continue Reading →

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