It is a beautiful Saturday early morning around 6 am heading towards Miami airport with my boyfriend for a short vacation to Jamaica during a  Valentine’s week celebration.  We decided not to drive but to take a Lift Cab so we can relax and fully savor some time off work.  My boyfriend always talks to the person who shows up for the ride trying to find out about their lives and why they do what they do, so i decide to just enjoy the conversation and look outside the car window to a beautiful full moon on the right side of the highway and the sun rising on my left.

As usual the conversation swings from politics to religion and something catches my attention.  Our driver is born a Hindu and converted recently to Christianity. I am shocked by his statement as he spoke so highly of his Hindu heritage, tradition and believes. “When I am a hindu I am Happy within myself” he said.

I can not help but ask the obvious question:  ”  Why in the world someone who is happy for being a hindu and proud  of his heritage would convert to Christianity?”.  He answers because my Wife asked me to.  “She loves money so she is not a hindu at heart anymore”  his statement is shocking. How many of us claim religion based on various reasons and there is no basis or substance to that.  He drives his car with a cross hanging from his mirror it was a cross made of a material that was woven by a friend who died,we found out the story because we first we thought it was a beer can opener.

I ask him if he is truly converted at heart, if he feels it is the right thing to do. He said he knows truly that he is a Hindu and he will always be one. He dreams of his hindu Gods and he believes is them who protects him and give him happiness.

He has a good soul he smiles and he is truly happy. Conversations return to the usual and he drops us off at the airport after giving us some cd’s to listen  while in Jamaica.

I realized how blessed I was because I never had to take on a religion because my mom or dad made me, or because my husband asked me to.  I have wondered why people change their Gods their Believes and if their change reflects what is in their hearts.

How tall are we standing in front of our Belief System?