On this Thanksgiving Day I am driving excited towards one of the studios I teach. I have been teaching there for a year now and I feel as if I have been teaching for ages.

I feel lonely these days when I don’t teach. I can not forget a holiday is about sharing, giving from heart and being happy you are surrounded by  people.

I want to thank them for being there and practicing with me, they fill a void left in my soul by those dear to me who decided that it was time to go.

I cant express to them what teaching means to me so I move between these mats, mat to mat and I look at the way they feel happy to be practicing here on a Thanksgiving morning . I want to immerse myself in what they feel, why are they here?

I am here cause I Love what I do and it Completes Me.

I am here cause I suffer.

I am here cause I feel amazing.

I am here cause I am escaping

I am here cause I am lost.

I am here cause my body needs it.

I am here cause I want to look good.

I am here cause I Love to move my body.

Why are you here on this Thanksgiving morning?

Why are you every day on the mat?


I don’t forget to ask myself that very same question every day. As  I start teaching my flow restricted by the space we are in we laugh, we slow down, we feel.  So when we reach the ground a Happy Baby feels more like a God given bliss.

I wonder if they know how my heart sings when they relax,  when they release parts of the daily stress or the weekly worries?

If you are a teacher don’t ever stop giving a piece of you away for those on the mat and if you are a student just share your energy and find your way back to the mat over and over again as we will never fully comprehend the beauty that is contained by the practice of Yoga.