I started teaching at Yoga4lifestudios (Juliana’s Art of Yoga back then) a little over two years ago.  I met Juliana, my teacher, while taking a class in Coral Springs at her studio.  I was practicing for about 10 years by that point. When I took the class it resonated so much with me and it was so unique. Her teaching was like magic.  She encouraged me to teach and after a teacher training with her off I was.I was Teaching some of her classes and I was given my first class 9 am Saturday morning.

I told Juliana that no one would come to my class since the class was just before hers.  She told me I was wrong and of course time proved she was right.  I have to say that I do not believe in coincidences and that Juliana came to my path for  a reason.  Her teachings, encouragements and confidence in me gave me wings.

I completely gave up what I was doing and started teaching and most of my life after that changed. I honor her as a teacher and I am here to testify that teaching and practicing saved my life and kept me strong and grounded.

I probably have more than one thousand hours of teaching and thousands of people I had the honor to share my practice and teach.  It may not be a lot for some teachers who teach for years but it is the fabric of everything I do think or enjoy.

I am writing a book about personal experience , about telling the story from your own mat, from your own inner world , from pain, loss and sorrow, from happiness and sadness, from finding love again and again and again….

It is traveling, yoga and life experience that make me want to live, work and love. It still lives in the fabric of my life and I wanted to share it in a very unique way. There is a  passion to live through what I love the most: Yoga as my Lifestyle and ultimately Life as a Lifestyle.

The idea is to bring short personal stories and other stories from different mats. Unique blogs about life and everything else: travel, photography, yoga, love, pain, sorrow and health.I hope you can join me on this road and contribute to it.