What follows are the words of a student, her story her journey, her process. 😗

I started my yoga nearly two years ago & life has thrown many ups and downs – more downs unfortunately in those two years. When I started I had been ill and needed some light exercise as I was unable for my usual zumba / aerobics type class. I thought it would be a stop gap until I built myself up, strength wise, and I would move on to my zumba again. Quite the opposite happened – with Sandra I learned, that life is more than jumping / dancing about and running and racing, doing all of our everyday chores and I learned that I can take things moment by moment and enjoy/savour every moment.

I have left the mad hustle and bustle lifestyle behind and I now mindfully, go through my days “being in the moment”. During my two years I have travelled my journey with my brothers serious illness and then his sudden death. My yoga practice was my strength through all of this time and though it is early days, I find peace in knowing that each minute I spent with him during his illness was an uninterrupted, quality moment which is so valuable to me in treasuring the memories of our time together. I go to Sandra once a week and look forward to the sanctuary of her yoga studio for 1 1/2 hours.

The tranquillity, peace, aliveness and power of positive thinking and mindfulness I receive from this 1 1/2 hrs is carried with me until my class the following week. Yoga is not merely some gentle exercising on a mat, it is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that has come into my life through Sandra and changed me for the better.

Thanks Sandra