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Evolve your movement practice. ​Tell me WHY? When was the last time you evaluated your practice like that? Your teachers like that? Your SELF like that?

STORIES FROM THE MAT  " Even the simple looking stuff in yoga, like the picture here, or warrior II, or warrior I, or uttanasana, utkatasana, sukhasana, and all these poses that are standard in most yoga classes can for many... Continue Reading →

9 Chaturanga Alternatives by Garrett Neill

Source for article: Illustration by Ksenia Sapunkova.   Modern Yoga Asana is changing around the world. Yogis are starting to look critically at cues and poses and ask questions about alignment & function. This inquiry and scientific reason are giving... Continue Reading →

Headstand and the Modern Human

Repetitive Stress from Too much Yoga. How to understand the approach we should take towards a safe practice.

The way people approach life is the way people show up on their yoga mat. And yoga teachers are no exception. Some yoga teachers may lead with a sense of aggression and competition while others will promote a feeling of... Continue Reading →

The Most Common Yoga Injuries and How You Can Avoid Them. Part IV: Shoulders & Wrists

In yoga and in life we ask a lot of our shoulders and wrists.  Common actions like reaching, grabbing, texting, typing, etc would not be possible without them. It’s important to understand the anatomy of these areas, so we can... Continue Reading →

How Cupcake Hands Saved My Vinyasa

I’m seriously questioning why I signed up for a Sun Salutation Lab at Yoga Journal LIVE! in San Diego. I’ve hardly practiced Surya Namaskar since I injured my rotator cuff in those very poses. And, as exhilarated as I used to feel after... Continue Reading →

Lets talk about the fact we can get injured in yoga

Improper yoga can give you pain in neck Ekatha Ann John | TNN |   From describing yoga as a "potent peace weapon" to extolling its health benefits, the Modi government may be going the extra mile to promote the practice,... Continue Reading →

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