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Yin Yoga Practice with Cristina

Short sequence! Oooh, your poor feet. Few poses to disconnect. This yin sequence focuses on the feet and lower legs. Hope you can enjoy and subscribe!

What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

  Sofie’s video: Sofie’s channel: You can learn more about CuriosityStream at Ever wondered, what does stretching do to your muscles and your body? What in the best way to stretch? Science has some answers. Michael K.... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Make Time for Yin Yoga When You’re Too Busy

Think you don’t have time for yoga during the holidays—much less 3-minute pose holds? Yoga Medicine teacher Shannon Stephens makes a case for why yin yoga may be the best practice for your busiest times. As a full-time yoga instructor... Continue Reading →

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