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Repetitive Stress from Too much Yoga. How to understand the approach we should take towards a safe practice.

The way people approach life is the way people show up on their yoga mat. And yoga teachers are no exception. Some yoga teachers may lead with a sense of aggression and competition while others will promote a feeling of... Continue Reading →

Trap a yoga block between the elbow and thigh for core work.

Lie on your back with your legs extended, bending your left knee and drawing it toward your chest. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat. Place a block lengthwise between your left quadriceps (the front of your thigh) and left elbow,... Continue Reading →

Rise of the golden yogi – why the over-50s are embracing yoga 

We’ve become a nation obsessed with downward dogs and cat cows. Britons are now spending a staggering £790 million a year on yoga classes. But you don’t have to be a twenty-something in stretched lycra to benefit from it. Increasing... Continue Reading →

Healing Yoga Practice : A Yoga Practice to Get your soul Through Grief

Whether you’re dealing with a recent loss this time a year—in the form of an ended relationship, divorce, death of a loved one or pet, losing a job or home, even infertility—or if old, unresolved grief starts bubbling up, a... Continue Reading →

Teaching Yoga during Holidays. When all of you complete me.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am driving excited towards one of the studios I teach. I have been teaching there for a year now and I feel as if I have been teaching for ages. I feel lonely these days... Continue Reading →

Decoding the Great Myth-steries of Yoga Symbols

BY BERNIE CLARK Are we one or are we two? Are We Divine or merely divinely created? Are we simply in service to a higher power; or do we have a role to play beyond one of servitude? Is the universe screwed... Continue Reading →

Why Practice Yoga Every Day?

The Three Elements of Successful Practice In Yoga Sutra 1.14, Patanjali reminds us that there are three critical elements for effective yoga practice: Patience It must be done for a long time. Yoga is about the long game. It is... Continue Reading →

How Yoga as a Lifestyle came about….

My story is a testament to the power of dreams and the resilience of the human spirit. My name is Cristina, and my journey began in the unassuming landscapes of communist Romania. While it may not seem like the most... Continue Reading →

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