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When we Feel Connected we are Kind |Yoga Meditation Yin practice recommended

Through the connection concept, we discover ourselves. I have discovered that we can create a bond within ourselves. Tools are simple. Pause Breath  Notice  Feel  Sensations Emotions  Breath  Be Still  Our feelings of connection don’t just make us feel good;... Continue Reading →

10 reasons you should wake-up at 5 AM for 30 days straight

Benjamin P. Hardy |April 10, 2020   I have a challenge for you: Wake up at 5AM for the next 30 days.   For the remainder of this article, I’m going to make you specific promises about what will happen... Continue Reading →

Ikigai: Your Reason for Being

What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning? When asked what is the single most powerful contributing factor to one’s health and vitality, integrative medical doctor Oscar Serrallach answered without hesitation: having a sense of purpose. Serrallach went on to describe... Continue Reading →

Rule 6 /12 Rules of life

Judge Less Love More

Why Do We Love?

Love and Yoga

Know you are enough!

How long will you search for what is not lost? Teaching and practicing Yoga turns on spot lights of reflection, glimpses of thoughts passing through my mind while others lay on the mat. I see people holding it together on the mat... Continue Reading →

The True Meaning of Aparigraha: Let Go When the Time is Right

I turned the corner onto my street, the street I have called home for the past three years, the one my son took his first steps in, where my daughter spent her first night in the world, where Christmas trees... Continue Reading →

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