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GRIEF & the Chakra System as a Holistic Framework (Part 1 )

The Chakra System and its relationship to the experience of grief can be understood as a journey through various stages of emotional and psychic manifestations. Each chakra, from the root to the crown, represents a specific stage in our journey... Continue Reading →

There are some events nothing can prepare you for.

A woman called Cynthia wrote to musician, writer and actor Nick Cave and asked him how he deals with the death of his son, Arthur. Arthur died in 2015, aged 15, after a fall from a cliff. This is how... Continue Reading →

Healing Yoga Practice : A Yoga Practice to Get your soul Through Grief

Whether you’re dealing with a recent loss this time a year—in the form of an ended relationship, divorce, death of a loved one or pet, losing a job or home, even infertility—or if old, unresolved grief starts bubbling up, a... Continue Reading →

Gratitude towards people in our lives! When someone reminded me of my mom ……

Sitting at Starbucks as I write.  I am looking at the back of a woman's body sipping a cup of Starbucks Coffee. She reminds me of my mother so much that tears start falling down my face. Where is she... Continue Reading →

Each Mat Tells a Different Story Series: When the Loss Transforms and Heals! Moving Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone You Love

Starting a book about  each mat in the Yoga room. What if it could gently whisper about the stories, pain,sorrow,love,strength,happiness,pain, of the soul who steps on it? Today I chose Karen Lang story. Heartbreaking and Powerful! “Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently... Continue Reading →

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