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Goals vs Habits

Let’s take the most cliche and universal New Year’s Resolution of the bunch: “I want to lose 20 lbs and look sexy for summer.” I think almost everyone has had this resolution at some point. In most cases, you recover... Continue Reading →

How Many Calories Yoga Burns—and Why Its Potential for Weight Loss Goes Way Beyond That Figure

Once thought of as a training routine reserved for soccer moms and granola-crunching free spirits, yoga offers mental and physical benefits can no longer be ignored. Elite athletes are embracing yoga in a big way, and the total number of... Continue Reading →


Judge Less Love More

Why Practice Yoga Every Day?

The Three Elements of Successful Practice In Yoga Sutra 1.14, Patanjali reminds us that there are three critical elements for effective yoga practice: Patience It must be done for a long time. Yoga is about the long game. It is... Continue Reading →

CONNECTED BUT ALONE | Make Conversations, not Connections. Meditate more, Tag less. Unplug and Unwind.

I keep going back to the idea of a false sense of connection that social media creates within our beautiful mind. Being Alone Together : customizing our lives, customizing and controlling where we place our attention. Ending up hiding from... Continue Reading →

How Yoga as a Lifestyle came about….

My story is a testament to the power of dreams and the resilience of the human spirit. My name is Cristina, and my journey began in the unassuming landscapes of communist Romania. While it may not seem like the most... Continue Reading →

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