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In an unnatural State of Isolation, what are the things that bind us?

`I stop and wonder, this is against our nature, we are meant to be together. I miss hearing the voices blending in the surroundings, the houses of worship buzzing with life. I miss the clinking of the glasses in the... Continue Reading →

New Harvard Study Links Drinking Sugary Soda and Sports Drinks to Premature Death—Especially for Women

// If your dental bill hasn’t scared you into foregoing sugary drinks, perhaps a new study from Harvard’s School of Public Health will do the trick. Research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation Monday linked sugary sodas, sports... Continue Reading →

6 Life Lessons from a Man who’s seen 12000 Deaths.

What can the man who has seen 12000 deaths teach us about Life? Bhairav Shuka has been a manager for 44 years to a guest house in Varanasi India. Source Link :      

On Fear of Death. “The Sister of Sleep”

Bach beautifully called Death "The sister of sleep". In the third part of the amazing Indian Epic of Mahabharata, a powerful spirit named Yaksa asks the oldest of the Pandava , Yudhistira, what is the greatest of all mysteries? The... Continue Reading →

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