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Time-restricted eating may prevent tumor growth

Researchers have already identified obesity as a risk factor for cancer, so some doctors recommend reducing caloric intake to help prevent tumors. However, a new study now finds that prevention may be less about how many calories you consume and... Continue Reading →


By: Gaia Contributor Tasha Shayne | Jan. 14th, 2019   Indigenous cultures have, for millennia, included fungi in their diets and medicinal foods. Modern science is just beginning to catch up to their powerful potential. Like other potent plant healers,... Continue Reading →

Yoga May Help the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

"Two classes each week reduced fatigue and improved sexual function" By. Amanda MacMillan Researchers have put yoga to the scientific test for years, and the results so far have been impressive. The practice has been shown to lower risk for... Continue Reading →

Scientists find blood from vegans is eight times more protective against cancer

  Scientists have found that blood taken from those following a plant-based diet is 8 times more effective at killing cancer cells than blood taken from those following a Standard American Diet. In a series of experiments people were placed... Continue Reading →

Exercise reduces your risk of cancer no matter your weight – even low levels of activity like Gardening and Walking

New research has found that exercise can help prevent a number of cancers It's effective at stopping cancer even in people of a healthy weight Even low levels of activity like gardening or walking helped prevent cancer Doctors are urging... Continue Reading →

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