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The Four Elements of True Love According to Buddha

   How to Deepen Our Relationships In the Buddhist faith, there are four elements of love that make it ‘true’ love. These elements must combine to make love true and long-lasting. They are not magical or even spiritual concepts, they... Continue Reading →

Awakening the Buddha Within |Lama Surya Das

This is one of the books that deserve a prime spot on your book shelves.  Each page I turned gave me an insight into what it means to understand the teachings. It will answer some questions and raise others but... Continue Reading →

These jokes about Buddhist monks and Buddhism are a pretty accurate reflection.

1. A Zen master told me, “Do the opposite of what I tell you.” So I didn’t. 2. Says the Master to his pupil: “Do you understand that you don’t really exist?” Upon which the pupil replies: “To whom are... Continue Reading →

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