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Conscious Breath -Pranayama Practices Series

I am starting this short Series on Pranayama Techniques today. I will be elaborating the short description of the techniques with short videos that you can follow, try and practice with me, we will be moving from a shallow to... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection. Yoga deepens our understanding of the links between our states of mind and our bodies, and vice versa.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that I don't like the terms "mind-body connection" and "mind-body medicine" too much. From what I've seen, most people who use the phrase "mind-body" seem to mean the way your mind,... Continue Reading →

Sudarshan Kriya – A Yoga Breathing Instruction Tutorial

Sudarshan Kriya - A Yoga Breathing Instruction Tutorial from cfsKnowledgeCenter on Vimeo.     The Sudarshan Kriya yoga breathing technique is employed in a variety of different yoga disciplines. This brief video not only outlines the many benefits of the... Continue Reading →

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