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The Impact of Circadian Rhythms on Health and Well-being

The power of sunlight and the circadian rhythms- the why; In 2016, a groundbreaking study revealed the power of sunlight and the circadian rhythms for health and well-being. Just 30 minutes of morning sunlight could be more effective in treating... Continue Reading →

Pelvic Pain Healing without surgery !

From the Book "HEALING PELVIC PAIN " by Amy Stein From a review on this incredible Book! A life savor, I should say. I was never diagnosed officially but I've read for 3 years about all the symptoms I was... Continue Reading →

Stop Stretching Your Tight Hip Flexors

Tight hip flexors can be an annoying sensation for many lifters. From interfering with squats and deadlifts, to limiting comfort during simple tasks such as walking, tight hips should be addressed…but how? What Does “Tight” Even Mean? Before we come... Continue Reading →

Pain is a complex experience

Pain science reveals a volatile, misleading sensation that is often more than just a symptom, and sometimes worse than whatever started it updated Jan 15, 2018 (first published 2010) by Paul Ingraham, Vancouver, Canada bio Pain is not just a... Continue Reading →

Inner Knee Pain and the Sartorius Muscle. Can Yoga poses alleviate the inner knee pain?

The Sartorius muscle (in Blue) is one of the lesser known muscles of the human body. It however still it plays a crucial role in knee pain and position of the pelvis and the lumbar curve.   The sartorius muscle... Continue Reading →

Yoga may have health benefits for people with chronic non-specific lower back pain

A new systematic review, published in the Cochrane Library today, suggests that yoga may lead to a reduction in pain and functional ability in people with chronic non-specific lower back pain over the short term, compared with no exercise. However,... Continue Reading →

Each Mat Tells a Different Story Series: When the Loss Transforms and Heals! Moving Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone You Love

Starting a book about  each mat in the Yoga room. What if it could gently whisper about the stories, pain,sorrow,love,strength,happiness,pain, of the soul who steps on it? Today I chose Karen Lang story. Heartbreaking and Powerful! “Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently... Continue Reading →

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