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The Chronicles of Prior Mistakes

life in an alternate universe

life in an alternate universe

Describe your life in an alternate universe. #dailyprompt #dailyprompt-2023

The story that describes my life in an alternate universe

In a universe layered with time folds and webs of fate, every individual, upon birth, was given a Record. This Record, a slim, silver tablet, listed all the errors, decisions, and missteps made in all prior existences. It was more than just a journal of past lives; it was a guide to understanding oneself, an opportunity to correct mistakes and learn. It also served as a moral compass, constantly reminding its bearer of the lessons of the past. This is the life in an alternate universe.

Within this universe was the city of PetHera, a breathtaking metropolis where towering spires met the clouds and transparent bridges connected floating islands. Here, animals could talk, not just in the metaphorical sense but in crisp, clear language. And so, they became our advisors, counselors, and most trusted companions.

Cristina, a young woman with raven-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, had just turned 21. On this significant day, she would be granted access to her Record. She awaited with bated breath as the Elder handed her the shimmering tablet. As she swiped through her past errors and triumphs, a name stood out – “Scotty”.” The memories rushed back; they had been close friends in one life, lovers in many, enemies in another, and sometimes mere strangers. Their souls were intertwined in a dance of conflict and connection.

“I need to find him,” she whispered to her pet cat, Luna, who had the unique gift of walking through time portals.

“Then we must travel,” Luna replied, her green eyes glowing with determination.

The pair ventured to the Edge of PetHera, where the portals of time swirled. Luna, using her innate senses, pinpointed the right one. Stepping through, they found themselves in a bustling marketplace set years into the past.

“Scotty is here,” Luna whispered.

Cristina’s heart raced as she walked through the market, and there he was, standing at a stall, looking just as she remembered. A bit distracted, smiling and doing magic tricks. Their eyes met, and memories of past lives flashed between them.

“Why have you come?” Scotty asked, his voice filled with a mix of surprise and longing.

“To rectify our mistakes,” Cristina replied, holding out her Record. No sooner than now.

Scotty hesitated for a moment but eventually revealed his own tablet. As they swiped through, patterns emerged, cycles of love, hurt and reconciliation. They realized that their destinies were to be lovers, to be the balance for each other.

Days turned into weeks, and as they lived and learned from their pasts, their Records began to shimmer brighter. They had begun to break their repetitive cycles, forging a new path for their souls.

One evening, Luna spoke, “Your time here is done; the portal will close soon.”

Cristina , with a newfound understanding of their past, present, and future, stepped through the portal, back to her time. In this universe, where rules were set and errors recorded, two souls found an understanding, evidently guided by the wisdom of their pets and the love and conflicts of countless lifetimes.

Above all “I will meet you again, in another life time” Scotty softly whispers,

……………..”Where we will both be cats” Cristina replied.

This is my version of an alternate universe of love that is found over and over again and where transformation occurs and time is relative. Thank you for reading my way of #dailyprompt #dailyprompt-2023

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