`I stop and wonder, this is against our nature, we are meant to be together. I miss hearing the voices blending in the surroundings, the houses of worship buzzing with life. I miss the clinking of the glasses in the hidden small restaurants, I miss the dancing at a wedding and the running around of children and parents in the parks. I miss the crowds at the last concert I went to. I miss the faces smiling on the street and wonder how not knowing when an unmasking will reveal a gentle smile can seem ok.

I am asking you now, in this unnatural state of ISOLATION what are the things that bind us?

Do you find joy in the little droplets of moments as time condenses around you? This isolation becomes hard as we are wired for connection, can we allow the positive things to surface while we are fighting an invisible enemy? Can I use my time as a creative relief? I do this while writing this piece and I am happy I am here, words on a screen, digitally chained.

I have never been more grateful to be outside, desperate for the sunshine, blessed by this weather, and lucky to be here.

In this lockdown is there any space for growth in your relationship with yourself, your spouse, or partner? It becomes a harsh experience for those who cross the landscape of a wintry night. What if the stress of being confined together can reveal what was hidden? Emotional Connection…Physical Intimacy, Being a Parent or Not ..can all this pass a stress test of a marriage or relationship while we are being confined together in an invisible cage. A cage that lives within another cage…and on and on …We are forced to ponder on our own emotional well being, isolation has its meaning and its results can be happy or unhappy. The reality of the day is intensified, magnified. Allow the deep relationships to grow and chase away what does not serve you.

When did Nude Selfies become high art? Is this just a human experience, love, death, sex, sickness?

Are we living in a world of no sports and not saying goodbye?

Do you feel as if the time has been altered? One month vanishing into the other, even the days and weeks seem unclear. Will we all be alright and will life ever be as it was before? Questions without answers…pointless…

Time will not pause for us, the flower of time will unfold to reveal what is blooming around us.

I am asking you now, in this unnatural state of ISOLATION what are the things that bind YOU?