I will tell you a quick story. I met with Diana today,  she has a great personality, loves yoga and she practices with me @FusionFitnessO2YogaStudio  in Parkland when I teach my classes.

She asked me today to meet up for lunch and talk a little bit about becoming a teacher. She is currently signed up for a 200-hour Teacher Training and she is excited to start her Training and Blog all steps of the way about it. You can see her blog at the following link:

Yogi Apprentice Blog

If you want to find out what someone goes through, what they learn and experience during this beautiful experience you can follow her blog for details.

We met at Bamboo Healthy in Parkland a brand new place with amazing food. We took the photos there and we talked about what is the importance of taking a yoga training course and what to expect from it.



Diana is practicing Yoga for many years and she is looking for something more from her training. As a yoga teacher who understands the importance of knowledge, experience and comfort that one offers in a yoga class and as a student how grounding and fulfilling it is to be the receiver of that. It is exactly what happens in a training

I wanted to emphasize the confidence one gains from such training, not just to teach but personal confidence. It opens a window within ourselves that will allow in the cravings of the body and mind. In the process of discovering new strengths, the student creates a relationship with himself, with the teacher and ultimately his or her practice.

During training, I remember being able to connect with my body in ways I could never be able to before.  The concept of learning about something you truly love and desire is not new, what was new to me today is the fact that I was reminded how much I changed, how much my practice changed and the role of a yoga teacher for the student.

When you enter a teacher training and you plan to teach please remind yourself why you are doing this. Where does it come from? Remind yourself that your teaching and your practice is a reflection of yourself and that you are constantly creating, giving, comforting and transforming.

How grateful can someone be of this magic we call Yoga?

Thank you, Diana, for bringing me back to my beginnings today.