Watched Dr Berg’s Video yesterday at the recommendation of a friend.


I have been having a hard time losing a few extra pounds. He has an extraordinary way of presenting his opinions and helps in visualizing a plan for yourself backing it with data to support his approach.

He is a Big believer in reducing Insulin levels. Encouraging use of apple cider vinegar, Vit B 1. Large amounts of greens and kale.


Only Eat when you are HUNGRY!!!!


He is a big promoter of 2 Meals a day and not too much snacking in between.


Bacon, Butter, Pecans, PeanutĀ Butter Avocado, Yellow Yoke, Cheese, and bacon should be on your food list :))

Celery Juice is Great when trying to loose weight!

Lower your Stress so your cortisol levels drop.

Reduce Estrogen especially if you are at Menopause.

Intermittent Fasting!