Written by Menswear Style in Health & Fitness on the 28th January 2019

Lots of men might ask, ‘Is it weird if I do yoga?’ or ‘Can men do yoga?’ Respectively, the answers are no and yes. In fact, this ancient Indian practice was once more of a male dominant activity. These days, we tend to think of yoga as a more ‘girly’ thing, but this can be considered a very recent switch. Anything that benefits your physical and mental health surpasses genders, and yoga is one of those things. So, if you’re a guy and considering yoga, there are a lot more reasons to take it up than there are not. Here are some ways you will benefit from the regular practice of yoga.



Lots of men begin yoga classes because of an injury. Men who lift weights, for example, are often prone to back pains. Men who are more into contact sports also get injured quite often. While yoga lessens pain, more importantly, it prepares your body better to avoid future injury because it uses controlled movements and alignment. Yoga makes you more aware of your body, and this helps you to know what your body is capable of on any given day. Knowing your body means you will not overwork it and cause injury.


Men can be affected by tight muscle groups, often in the shoulders and/or hamstrings. You might not be aware to what extent these tight muscles affect not only flexibility but also their reach. Whether you lift weights or not, yoga improves flexibility, reach and range of motion. There are several yoga asanas and physical postures, which help the spinal joints to be more flexible. Flexibility in the spine helps those who play golf or tennis, for example. In general, you become fitter and stronger in the sports you enjoy.


Since it is a physical and mental practice, yoga reduces stress because it focuses on proper breathing techniques. Breathing correctly allows better focus on anything that you do. The reduction of anxiety and stress helps men to perform better sexually. The Journal of Sexual Medicine released a study that shows yoga helps speed up hormones for arousal. In the workplace, the reduction of stress is also vital. According to yogakawa.com “when the practice yoga it is integrated into your everyday lives and environment; the real transformation you seek unfolds and your potential is unlocked.” Another study found that people who practice yoga are 43% less likely to need hospital care. When you lessen stress, you’re in fact lessening stress-related illnesses such as chest discomfort, insomnia, bowel movement, and headaches. The study concluded you can save $2,360 annually on medical care.e08812b8-0949-4e02-b37f-3e11991fda7f_blog_ln_


The points mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many advantages of yoga that every man should consider. It’s a practice that will give you practical and positive results. From beginner’s yoga to power yoga (which is more fast paced), you will find a routine to suit you. You will feel better, healthier, focused and energetic.