When Erin Eversoll was 21, she found herself working at a bakery, snacking on way too much unhealthy food, and clocking in at about 213 pounds. She knew she needed to lose weight, but her asthma made taking on a strenuous workout routine challenging. Instead of putting strain on her body, she set out to change her eating habits and set a goal of feeling more confident in herself and being happy with what she saw in the mirror. In 52 weeks, Erin dropped exactly 52 pounds — and she still fits in her favorite snack of dark chocolate Reese’s into her diet, just in moderation. Keep reading to see more of her weight-loss journey.

How Erin’s Journey Began

Not everyone has a huge epiphany when they decide they want to make a healthy change in their lives. Erin told POPSUGAR that she didn’t have one of those moments, but it was a gradual nudge in the back of her head telling her to lose weight. “I didn’t like looking in mirrors or at pictures of myself, and it was leading down a dark road. I can’t say exactly what pushed me, but I just didn’t want to feel that way anymore, and I knew only I could start the changes I wanted to see.”

She started by simply keeping track of what she was eating using the Lose It! app. She actually didn’t even start working out until she had lost almost all of her weight! “Due to asthma, I’ve always been nervous about working out since I didn’t want to bring on any health issues,” she told POPSUGAR.

What Erin Eats

“I’m definitely a snacker, especially at night, so I tend to eat light in the morning, so I have a lot of room to eat whatever in the evening,” Erin said. Here’s what her typical day looks like:

  • Breakfast: Small breakfast of some eggs and veggies, or some fruit and cheese, usually about 200 calories.
  • Lunch: Lunch is something different every week. Some of her recent favorites have been a taco salad, a Buddha bowl, or fried (cauli)rice — anything between 400 and 500 calories.
  • Dinner: “Dinner always depends on how busy I am and can range from Chick-fil-A to a frozen meal to a giant salad,” Erin said.
  • Snacks: Dark chocolate Reese’s, green apples, or string cheese.

“I firmly believe that you don’t have to eat boring foods, just because they’re healthy. Find things that you love and want to eat, just consume them in moderation,” she said. “You might discover you love foods you’ve never tried before. For me, this was Brussels sprouts!”

Erin’s Workouts

When Erin finally added workouts into her routine, she started slow with cardio, using the Couch to 5K app to gradually work up to running. “As I got more comfortable, I explored my (very small) gym and slowly tried the machines and fell in love! Now my routine usually consists of 10 to 15 minutes of cardio and 20 to 30 minutes of weight machines and bodyweight exercises,” she said.

Her current favorite workout, though, is dancing in her living room! Goes to show that you don’t need fancy equipment or gym memberships to get your sweat on.

Erin’s Tips and Advice

Erin’s been able to stay motivated with her healthy journey, thanks to her growing confidence and just how good she feels overall. “I’d never realized how good it would feel to know that I’m healthy and that I worked hard to get here,” she said.

Her advice for those struggling to stay on track with their own health journey is simple. “It takes small steps and dedication to reach your goals, and it won’t happen overnight,” she said. She points to all the resources available to help as well, including Instagram, her Lose It! app, and even Reddit. “Know that it’s OK to make mistakes; just keep pushing forward and make better choices the next time.”