If you think you know it all about the human body, we have a surprise for you – there’s still so many amazing facts you don’t know. This is especially true about the female body and physiology, it’s a mystery that waits to be uncovered.


#10. Their necks are more flexible. 0:42

#9. Women have sensitive hearing even while sleeping. 1:32

#8. One of their breasts is bigger than the other. 2:34

#7. Women are more rational than men. 3:10

#6. Women are more prone to having cellulite, and that isn’t a bad thing. 3:47

#5. They get drunk faster than men. 5:06

#4. They form stronger attachments to people. 6:08

#3. Women’s bodies keep changing even into their twenties. 6:52

#2. Their brains are more intricately hard-wired. 7:55

#1. Blond hair is more common among Caucasian women than Caucasian men.

8:41 Bonus: the enigma of female body language 9:31

SUMMARY -Men turn their whole bodies while women turn just their heads. The reason for this difference lies in the much more elastic muscle structure in the female body. –

From a biological point of view, a woman’s ear is hypersensitive to noises during sleep so that Mom can always hear and respond to her crying baby. –

Nobody has absolutely symmetrical breasts, it could be a difference in the volume of breast tissue, the size or shape of the breast pocket, or even the skin’s elasticity on each breast.

-Despite common opinion that women are more emotional and men are more rational, science says otherwise.

-Fat tissue plays an important role in the production of hormones, including estrogens, that’s why cellulite isn’t a bad thing for women.

-Most women have a lower tolerance to alcohol than their male compadres due to the fact that the female body has less water in its tissues than the male body.

-Women connect with people on a much deeper level than men do, and scientifically-speaking, it’s because they have higher oxytocin levels. -Women’s bodies continue to change and grow even into their twenties.

That’s good news for you if you had some crazy and irresponsible teen years as far as healthy habits are concerned.

-The left and right hemispheres in women’s brains are more interconnected than those of men. That means women are faster at socially connecting with people and get used to routine much easier.

-Blond genes present at birth are more persistent in females and usually disappear in males as they grow up.

-If a woman is interested in what her conversation partner is saying, she tends to stand with her shoulders lowered and her hands clasped together.