What is most important to you is to start each day with Intention with Focus and with Meaning.

When you wake up in the morning your game day starts and you do not want to be on the defense side. Start each day with what is important to you and not to everyone else.

Some of the elements of a Meaningful Morning routine that can set your day and your mindset are:


Silence can be dressed in many forms. Silence can be a few minutes of Deep Breathing, few moments Gratitude big or small. Silence can be Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection. You can do this separate or in combination with other elements.


Repeating a mantra, repeating positive affirmations about oneself in order to bring about an Attitude of  Self Confidence.


Use your imagination to embrace a feeling, sensation or emotion in regards to yourself. You can visualize or create a mental picture of behaviors, outcomes, goals, that you are hoping to achieve.



Start with just a FEW MINUTES. You can jump rope or do some pushups or a few yoga movements. These few minutes will get your blood running and the heart rate will be elevated. These few minutes will change the chemistry of your body in order to combat stress, bring focus and concentration. Exercising comes with positive benefits both mental and physical ones.



I can not stress the importance of reading enough. Read at least 10 to 15pages a day. Reading on a topic that you are focused on at a time. it can be personal development, on inspiration, on physical activities, on mindfulness or a simple story that relaxes you.



You can write in a journal, or write in reference to a book you are reading or a book that you want to write. You can just have a flow of your mental thoughts for the day whatever crosses your mind even simple random words or maybe writing your dream from the night before.

If these elements are employed every day they will set in action a train of change. A change that you will benefit from.  I have a yoga practice that keeps me grounded I read and write some articles and I work with visualization in my meditation practice and always leading with an intention. I incorporate some of the elements together but you are free to practice them individually.


I hope this will help you bring about the comfort and peace, the strength and confidence to move forward from one day into the next.

Remembering that what makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is Early to Bed and Early to Rise. Benjamin Franklin said that :))

Namaste to all!