I find that Yoga practice transforms the one who is able to come to class and just let go. Even if it means to cry on the mat or lay in Savasana for half the time.

Can you take a class and just be?

Do you have expectations of calories consumptions or movement beyond your natural range of motion?

Do you dream of falling back into a wheel pose with a smile on your face?

What makes yoga practice Different than other fitness based practices is that it is permissive towards acknowledging on your own what you really need that day and take that from the class.

I encourage you that every time you step on the mat you ask yourself:

Why am I truly Here Today ?

Take one class with no expectations and focus on the Intention of the Posture Rather than the Appearance.

When I teach I am looking to see that you are enjoying your practice and that no matter how hard or easy your practice seems, your heart is beaming and you are like a flower opening towards the sun.

Thank you all who take my classes! You are my inspiration and my source of energy every single day, even in those days when I just want to sit on my mat, crawl and cry you are always lifting my moods.

YOU ARE UNIQUE! In every Way.


Cristina H