From the Book “HEALING PELVIC PAIN ” by Amy Stein

From a review on this incredible Book!

A life savor, I should say. I was never diagnosed officially but I’ve read for 3 years about all the symptoms I was presenting. I thought I had IC, pudental neuralgia or a very bad…bad menopause! Medications made me feel so crappy and gave me bad side effects (losing my memory). So I downloaded the Ebook and I started reading in the end of May 2015. I am not a reader but understood very quickly what was my problem because it is well written and well illustrated. I had a very tense pelvic floor. I started to do the routine but because I had neck injury, I went to see a pelvic floor PT to help me doing the stretches without hurting my shoulder. I went twice on a scale of 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of doing the routine, I could see like 60% improvement. I could sit comfortably, I could wear pants, I could live my life without any urinary pain or sudden urgencies. I now can eat whatever I want!

Tense muscles in the upper thighs and below the hips tend to create distress in all the organs that are located in that area. Doctors don’t know about the pelvic floor muscles. Most pelvic floor PT know about Amy Stein and approve her approach.

Many women with that same problem are diagnosed with all sorts of “syndromes” and treated with medications that are not necessary if the woman is able to do the stretches without pain. Amy Stein is a great woman and I wish I could tell her how much I am grateful for that book. I am happy again. I do the stretches since the early beginning of June and I know I still have to work hard, but I don’t need any medication to be without pain. I won’t fix what a my whole life did to my body in a month…I was suffering since 2012, was treated with hormones (doctors said it was menopause), treated with a drug for epilepsy (ending nerves pain) and another one wanted to prescribe a strong anti-depressant. Another doctor told me I had fibromyalgia…just that! I refused to believe that in 2015, the science had nothing more intelligent to suggest.

My problem was physical and I ended up finding out by myself with that book (pelvic muscles too tense; computer, bad postures and wrong physical exercises).

So, before to accept any kind of prescribed drugs, if you have similar symptoms; you might want to read that book and to give an hour a day (30 minutes of exercises morning and evening). If you have problems to do the exercises, consult a PT specialised in PFD. It is not cancer, it is muscular and physical. Thank you Amy Stein!

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