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October 2018

How could a yoga practice cause my PTSD symptoms to disappear?

How My Yoga Practice Led Me to Harvard Medical School   By Kintla Strikerwith Sam J. Striker, PhDand Apryl E. Pooley, PhD Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. –The Bhagavad Gita Early one morning in 2009, I... Continue Reading →

A must read Book by George Kinder

Morning Yoga Video on My Youtube Channel

Yoga video with Cristina #LIFEASALIFESTYLE

Rule 7 / 12 Rules of Life

How Psychotherapy Retrains the Brain to Expect (and Feel) Better

June 5, 2017 •  By Alex Afram, PhD, Topic Expert People enter psychotherapy with the desire to feel better, but they are often unsure how therapy will help them accomplish this goal. A common refrain from people hesitant to enter therapy is, “How is talking going... Continue Reading →

Pelvic Pain Healing without surgery !

From the Book "HEALING PELVIC PAIN " by Amy Stein From a review on this incredible Book! A life savor, I should say. I was never diagnosed officially but I've read for 3 years about all the symptoms I was... Continue Reading →

Rule 6 /12 Rules of life

Rule 5 /12 Rules of LIFE

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