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July 2018

Practice Self-Compassion with Forgiveness

We cannot force ourselves to move on from a painful situation — expecting forgiveness to be quick and voluntary can have negative effects. Explore this mindfulness practice for creating space for ourselves to forgive. By Sharon Salzberg | July 12,... Continue Reading →

The diaphragm – whole body effects (tip to toes and mouth and nose)

Think of breathing and if you are even slightly anatomically literate you will probably think of the diaphragm. This major muscle of breathing influences all other breathing muscles. It changes the shape and size of the rib cage, creating the... Continue Reading →

Book Review| Yoga Body- The Origins Of The Modern Posture Practice written by Mark Singleton

  Yoga Body was first introduced to me last summer by one of my philosophy teachers,  Carlos Pomeda. He suggested Mark Singleton had some interesting things to say on the development of the physical yoga practice ( asana) as we... Continue Reading →

Whats on my Yoga Bookshelf Part 5

Whats on my Yoga Bookshelf Part 4

Is Headstand in Yoga Safe?

Take Time to inform yourself when doing HeadStands.  

5 other Ways to Reset Your day!

Use one of the Ideas and apply it today!  

Padmasana Find Balance

What is on my Yoga BookShelf? Part 3

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