Think of you being able to give yourself an adult Time Out. Read a book. Enjoy a cup of tea. Light some candles and take a bath. Turn off the phone. Have a social media cleanse. Give yourself a facial. Write in your journal. Take a nap.

Ask yourself,

“How are you today?

What do you need to feel better?”

Treat yourself like you would a small child you adore. Children need love, affection, nurturing and our attention. Try giving that to yourself without fear or regret. Do it from the heart.

You’re all worth it!

One of the greatest achievements can be mastering the art of doing absolutely nothing.

Remove all guilt and shame attached to staying home in my pajamas all day and simply reading, meditating, resting, relaxing, taking a bubble bath, lighting candles, cuddled up in a soft, comfy robe.

When people ask, “What did you do this weekend?” Just say  “Nothing. It was wonderful.” How do you feel saying that?

My body, my mind, my spirit need time to slow down, look within, see and feel how I’m doing. I’m finding when I do less, I feel more (joy, creativity, peace, clarity), and when it’s time to work, I am more productive and feel more alive, more childlike instead of a checked out zombie robot creature.

Do yourself a favor and “Do nothing”