The Life of a Sadhu

Sadhus are absolutely integral to the Indian culture, and have been around for at least 2000 years.

They were called “the silent ones” or the “the long haired ones” in ancient Vedic verses.

In ancient times, sadhuism was regarded as the highest form of religious life and the power of sadhu penance was such, it was said, that the gods unsuccessfully set down cosmic beauties to try to seduce them and generals laid down their arms rather than wage war against a city protected by a sadhus.

It’s safe to say they’re beloved by the Indian people!

Sadhus live strict lives: they take vows of chastity and poverty, adopt ascetic practices, observe certain religious regulations, survive on charities, and provide religious services to those in need.

They’re expected to sever ties with family or home and wear markings and clothes associated with the sect they belong too.

They give up everything that resembles a normal life in order to pursue enlightenment.

So How can Sadhus Help You?

In lots of ways!

Of course, they’re not going to come over to your house and do your laundry, but they do provide an interesting example to follow.

Here are few things we can emulate that have the power to radically transform our lives:

  • Detachment–Sometimes, life can seem like it’s hitting us from all sides. It can be a real challenge. But circumstances don’t haveto be hard; it’s our minds that make it so. Attachment causes us significant pain in life- after all, everything in life moves in a cyclical fashion, and what begins must end. Work hard, do your best, but let go of the fruits of your labor. We could all be much happier that way!
  • Helping others– Sadhus don’t just “take” from society. They give back through officiating ceremonies and doing innumerable spiritual services. Sometimes they even travel great distances to help others. When we make the concerns of others ourconcerns, we completely change our attitude and perspective. It can lift the worst moods, and give life a richer depth. Try it, you wont be disappointed!
  • Spirituality–This one is obvious, right?? A little spirituality can go a long way toward making us happier people. Whether it’s a basic meditation practice, a mantra repeated throughout the day, or something else that calls to you, we become more complete when we bring these elements into our life.
  • Calmness–Every sadhu makes it their mission to be calm. As a result, they’re typically much more relaxed and happier than other people. When we remove ourselves from our inner emotional waves that constantly move up and down, life suddenly becomes much easier.
  • Non-violence–Sadhus practice true non-violence. That means they don’t harm anyone physically, nor do they think about causing harm. It’s both physical andmental, and it applies to all living beings. Removing the desire to hurt others is a big part of becoming a truly loving and fulfilled person.
  • Truthfulness–It’s a given that spiritual people speak the truth. But sadhus take a vow to never lie- and once again, that applies on many levels…to others and yourself. Being truthful to how you feel, what you’re thinking, and how you’re living is something not many people are skilled at, and as a result they find lots unhappiness in the world. Be true to yourself!!