Bach beautifully called Death “The sister of sleep”.

In the third part of the amazing Indian Epic of Mahabharata, a powerful spirit named Yaksa asks the oldest of the Pandava , Yudhistira, what is the greatest of all mysteries?

The answer given survives millennia: ” Every Day Countless People Die, and yet those who remain LIVE as if they Were Immortals.”

Is it the fear of Death an error of evolution? Unlike animals that fear death and they run away from their prey to escape the fatal end, this fear does not remain with them constantly it passes and they resume their lives.

We, from the moment we understand what death is, live with this fear within us. So does this constant fear of death have any purpose or meaning?

It seems that Life, this brief Life is an incessant cry of the emotions that drive us, that we sometimes attempt to channel in the name of God, of political faith, in a ritual that is so reassuring. But this cry is beautiful! Sometimes it is a cry of Pain and sometimes becomes a song.

We see the world in a blurred way. Our interaction with this world is partial and maybe this is why we fear death. Rising out of our concept of time, death and time go hand in hand.

When I sleep where am I? Am I in a state out of time?

Can we understand why we fear death?


Inspired by a book “The order out of time” by Carlo Rovelli