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Taking care of your Feet. What to do to protect your feet. Techniques and the foot function. Amazing podcast.

Nick St Louis, is a physical therapist and founder of mindful movement community, The Foot Collective, who are on a mission to disrupt the foot industry and reclaim the human foot. This episode is loaded with information to help you better understand our feet, how they function and how they connect to, and affect the rest of our bodies. It is also an incredibly practical episode that offers tangible ways in which we can care for our feet in all their complexity, well. Nick’s foot knowledge runs deep, he chats with Kathryn on how The Foot Collective came to be and what excites him about the subject. The pair touch base on a few common issues from tight muscles and hip disfunction to plantar fasciitis and bunions, and give first hand accounts of the subtle and not so subtle effects of balancing on a beam that will leave you wanting to incorporate this work into your regular movement regime.This information, is FOR EVERY BODY and is accessible and beneficial to every body, we hope you share it with your favourite humans.

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In this episode…

The Foot Collective \\

The Foot Collective is a movement and community, founded by our guest, Nick St Louis.  The Foot Collective website is a great resource for all things feet with information, education and resources (including other podcasts) related to foot health, function, barefoot and more.

Check out their online community via Instagram @thefootcollective

The Foot Collective Shop \\

The Foot Collective’s hub for all of your foot health needs. You’ll find exercise videos here and products ranging from balance beams to barefoot shoes.

Optimize Physio & Sport Medicine \\ Ottawa, ON

Nick St Louis is the co-founder of Optimize Physio and Sports Medicine clinic based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where he works with and treats clients to support them in optimizing their movement and health. The clinic is in the process of undergoing some exciting changes in an expansion that will include the addition of a shoe shop, float tank and movement area!


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  1. I think these sound awesome. I love a good foot rub especially after a run.

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