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August 2017

If you have Back Pain, Leg Pain find a Doctor who knows about Cluneal Nerves!

"Entrapment of middle cluneal nerves induces low back pain and leg symptoms. The middle cluneal nerves can become spontaneously entrapped where this nerve pass under the long posterior sacroiliac ligament. A case of severe low back pain, which was completely... Continue Reading →

What has become of Yoga ?

This White Woman Singing About the Ghetto While Doing Yoga Is the Whitest ThingĀ Ever This is the link you can access the you tube video: Take Ashlee K. Thomas, for instance. First of all, her name is Ashlee... Continue Reading →

The Most Common Yoga Injuries -Shut Up & Yoga

You can open and view pdf here:   Yoga and Back Pain Shut up &Yoga   Incredible 3 part Article.  

1 Hr and 15 Min Hot Yoga Flow

I decided to gather some data. This is the information from a class I was teaching today in the morning. I used the Armour App with the Apple Watch as I believe is more accurate than what comes with the... Continue Reading →

Chakras are the bridge between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds

Taoist Yoga and Tantra Yoga If the Taoist tradition is to be credited with an especially detailed study of chi and the meridians, then the Indian Tantric tradition is to be credited with an especially detailed study of special centers... Continue Reading →


" Look at all the things we become attached to, whether they are people or possessions or feelings or conditions of the body. Nothing we have, no One,in our lives, no state of mind is exempt from change. Nothing at... Continue Reading →

Awareness vs Alignment! Looking for teacher answers!

I took this from a post I made and the answers I recieved on LinkedIn. I am looking forward to hear from Teachers on this one. Had a thought and looking for answers! In the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence, a... Continue Reading →

Yoga with Wolves?

You can do yoga with wolves in the Adirondacks. You may have heard of goat yoga, dog yoga and even farm yoga. But in the Adirondacks, there's yoga with wolves. "To be this close to something that's so wild and... Continue Reading →

Stop mouth Breathing While Sleeping!

Nasal breathing stimulates Nitric Oxide with many Health Benefits. Stopping mouth breathing while sleeping is very important. Did you know that humming can increase nitric oxide 15 times - Brahmari Pranayama as an example. Nitric Oxide dilates blood vessels, kill... Continue Reading →

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