Had a thought and looking for answers! In the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence, a vinyasa is performed in between sides of a posture. For example, Janu Shirsasana is done on the Right side, then a vinyasa is done, then Janu Shirsasana is done on the left. 
Because one side is being stretched first, do you think it affects the performance of the vinyasa?

 For example, if one hamstring/glut/QL is tighter than the other as a result of the one-sided Janu Shirsasana, would that hip be slightly higher in symmetrical poses chatturunga, updog and downdog? 

Would this follow in a resulting imbalance in chatturunga, updog and downdog affect the way the hips sit for the rest of the day? What’s your opinion/experience with this?

Also why majority of teachers start with right side why don t we mix it up and break the rules. 

 From Yoga Movemenet and Research Comunity