How long will you search for what is not lost?

Teaching and practicing Yoga turns on spot lights of reflection, glimpses of thoughts passing through my mind while others lay on the mat.

I see people holding it together on the mat as if they were to slow down all they have achieved, build and accomplish will fall apart.

I see practitioners courage,compassion and grace.  The will to move on to another day with a smile on their face and a kind word even when their 5th session of chemo therapy just ended the other day.

We are all powerful, we are all beautiful, we are also in pain physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fearful about a future that may or may not bring back what we wish for. We cope with addiction, competitiveness, parents issues, body issues and an inability to tell the truth. All of this creates stagnation and blockages in our bodies. We go to Yoga to reclaim something of ourselves not something that is missing but something that was lost.

How long are you going to search for what’s not lost?