We buy into the idea that “The Passion” becomes less after we have been together with our partner for a while. We buy into this platitude failing to question the inherent nature of Love.

When our relationship is new we are swept away by feelings that bypass the brain, leting ourself transported into another state of consciousness. Hormons are racing, sexual contact accelerates this process taking it even further.

Physical intimacy is  not real intimacy and we are shocked when we discover this truth. After a while things settle down and frightened by our own vulnerability  we start to “Think ” instead of “Feel”. We try to protect ourselves and the lover can be seen as the enemy that can hurt us but we are only led astray by our own confused thinking.

We withdraw and place blame more than we have to and then we regroup and we aproach the situation again and this becomes a back and forth process. The players change but our drama stays the same. After a while we are even capable to see it clearly.

We can not begin the real process of Loving unless we give up the story, the drama, the illusion.

That moment we “Feel” we stop acting out.  We must take responsabilities for our behaviours,not just the parts we want.

When we are in themoment and we see things clearly we recognise that is it from this space that we can begin to love.

If we can aknowledge we have one heart and we close it when we hurt , we also close it when we Love for protection. We feel there will never be anything or  anyone outside that can guarantee that Love.

THE NATURAL EVOLUTION OF EVERYTHING IS CHANGE AND TIME. Moving from moment to moment encourages us to stay present and not fall asleep not fall into a coma of emotions and sensations that are real and flowing into our lives.

When we stay AWAKE  Love Grows and only Grows. Don’t give up to understand and nourish this idea of keeping love alive.