As a yoga teacher we come to class and create connections over time with the students that enjoy this journey we call Yoga. 

We know about their struggles or their happy moments but we do not know what they do on a daily basis. They see us but we do not see them. What are their pasions?  What do they Love to do? What is the nature of their work?

I was at the Renaissance Festival in Fort Lauderdale  and someone called me as i was taking a break sitting down.  There was one of  the Yoga Students. A beautiful lady who i just found out she is an artist. She draws and she was doing charicatures at her booth.  She used to draw for Disney and some motion picture companies.  I decided to do a drawing with her.  She is such an amazing soul and i felt so happy that i was the one recieving her gift this time around. We both agreed it feels weird to reverse the roles.  I was the reciever and she was the giver. I just realised that on every mat there is a person that holds within themselves their passions, hurts, worries, hobbies and their Love for doing that one thing that brings them Joy.

As we are living in a digital world we decided to exchange FB info as i am planning to attend her art show that is coming up soon.  I went on her page last night as i was uploading photos from the festival into my computer.  Something caught my attention. It was a letter from her mom that brought tears to my eyes.  

In this blog i decided to share Stories from the mat so with her permision I hope i can share her story one day.

This is the letter and a photo of me being drawn from the festival.  I think regardless if we are parents or not we should keep these words as a reminder that Life is not to be taken for granted.  I will let the letter speak for itself.