Gaining Control over our Free Time |The main problem we have in our lives.

We don’t build the lives we want by Saving Time |We build the lives we want and then Time saves itself.
Find 30 minutes to exercise then don ‘t watch tv :)) easy? Maybe not.  

Time is Highly elastic  :  Example : we get a leak in the basement we have to deal with finding the person arranging to be fixed then fixing then everything in between. At the end of the week 7 hours are allocated to this task.  If we ask ourselves do we have 8 hours to teach a kid something new or volunteer to learn something we would answer 


Again: Time is Highly elastic .  We can not make more Time but Time will stretch to accommodate what we choose to put into it.  Brilliant !  The Key to Time management is to treat our priorities as if we got a leak in our basement.  

Everything we do every minute we spend is a Personal Choice . I don t have time means Is not my priority.  Is not the lack of time is that we don t want to do it.  TIME is a Choice.

Be Smart fill your life with choices and make them your priority.

Is January lets pretend is December, the end of the year. You are writing your year review for 2017. What would be the 3 -to 5 things that would make this a great year for you?

You can do  it for your professional Life and for personal Life. Make it as a letter,write it down in words: it has been an amazing year for you and for the people you care about. What are the 3 to 5 accomplishments you have done that made it so amazing. Invision it.


Ink them into your schedule first. On a Friday afternoon go into your schedule and make a 3 category priority list Carrier – Relationship  –     Self         

  We add them as hours or minutes at a time into our weekely calendar and we think where to place them before the year ends. The structure is up to you.

There are 168 Hours in a week. That is a lot of time.  We should have 50 hours a week for work so the rest is for Yourself to add what matters to you in your own calendar.  It can be exercise, volunteering,take a class, improve your professional life.      

If you are on the phone or watch tv a lot maybe you should cut on that and use bits of  Time for bits of Joy.  Look at all of your Time Available and look where you can place bits of time.Make time for What Matters.

Build the Life you Want in the Time you have Got.