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October 2016

I am who I am thanks to You| The 5 most important people we meet in life.

This year, I took a closer look at myself and I was startled by what I saw:I I saw someone new. Over the past two or three years, I’ve become a better person. I’ve worked on personal flaws and detached... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Aging Pill

The Anti-Aging Pill Facing a long wait for evidence, a longevity researcher takes an unusual path to market. by Karen Weintraub Everyone is getting older. Few are happy about it. An anti-aging startup hopes to elude the U.S. Food and Drug... Continue Reading →

Understanding The Science of Yoga Understanding the Science of Yoga Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani ICYER at Ananda Ashram, Pondichery, India Abstract: In this paper we discuss methodology of yoga, together with significant aspects of integration of yoga and modern medicine. We suggest two way integration... Continue Reading →

Grounded versus Centered

Why I No Longer Use the Word ‘Grounded’ in My Practice The term no longer serves me, but I found one that did. By Katarina Arneric It’s come to my attention that the word “grounded” no longer serves me. It’s... Continue Reading →

Amazing Humans: Sally

Meet 97 year old Sally, who walks 10 dogs a day for the local shelter and her neighbours. She's our Amazing Human this week 🐶❤️  She feels at 90+ as if she was 50. Who's your Amazing Human? Watch the... Continue Reading →

Creamy Shrimp Pumpkin Sage Pasta — Cooking with a Wallflower

Shrimp and pasta cooked in a creamy pumpkin sage sauce then topped with fresh tomatoes and mixed greens. This creamy shrimp pumpkin sage pasta is delicious and perfect for autumn weeknight dinners. Are you ready for pumpkin season? I definitely... Continue Reading →

KEEP THE PAIN AWAY: WRIST COMPRESSION AND YOGA Most of us don't give much thought to our wrists - until they start aching, that is. However, if you're an aspiring yogi with a passion for downward-facing dog, you might experience... Continue Reading →

If we could only see what surrounds us….

Science Confirms That Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

Turmeric or Curcumin is a wonder herb and it has many health benefits.It’s bright orange, bitter and powerful.Turmeric is the vibrant ingredient that gives curry it’s memorable hue. If you’ve tried Indian cuisine, you’ve likely tasted it and loved it.... Continue Reading →

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