I keep going back to the idea of a false sense of connection that social media creates within our beautiful mind.

Being Alone Together : customizing our lives, customizing and controlling where we place our attention. Ending up hiding from each other while we live on our I phones and blackberry.

We expect more from technology and less from each other. Have we ever wonder why we can not feel comfortable to be alone anymore?

Face to Face relationships /conversations will be obsolete because they take place in real time and we can not edit or delete. Human Relationships get cleaned up with technology. We stop caring and learning about each other, we forget how to have conversations with ourselves.

It kills the capacity of Self Reflection. Nobody listens to anyone anymore, our attention is grabbed by the technology at hand. We spend time with machines more than with people. We experience “Pretend Empathy ” and we do not even realize it.

We use technology to share our feelings ” I share therefore I am” . We connect more and more setting up ourselves to be more isolated.

We need to develop the capacity for solitude. We slip into thinking that more connected we are, less alone we are. But it is precisely what is going to make us more lonely.

Is time to TALK to INTERACT to SOCIALIZE, TO LISTEN FACE TO FACE….Make Room for Conversation with others, Listen to each other with passion. Make use of the technology at hand in a smart way not in our detriment!