It is simple… My name is Cristina.  It all started with a dream.  I was born in communist Romania, not exciting I know.  One day I was sitting and watching the sunset over a lake and I dreamed of living next to some exotic body of water. The idea was not so realistic considering the circumstances.

Long story short many years later I left Romania, I was 24 years old by this age and I already lost my dad being left alone only with my mom and no siblings.  Life and work took me to different countries but one really brought happiness to my heart.That beautiful mystical place is Jamaica.

Is here where the magic happened.  My friend Emily introduced me to a Yoga class and I knew back then that there are things in life we love and others that were just meant for us, like a beautiful dress you put on and fits perfect so it just feels right.  I started practicing yoga when I was 26 and it is an experience that completely changed my life.

I have been teaching for 2 years  and practicing for over 10 years.

Yoga @Miraval   | Tucson, AZ.

It is traveling, yoga and life experience that make me want to live, work and love. It still lives in the fabric of my life and I wanted to share it in a very unique way. There is a  passion to live through what I love the most: Yoga as my Lifestyle and ultimately Life as a Lifestyle.

The idea is to bring short personal stories and other stories from different mats. Unique blogs about life and everything else: travel, photography, yoga, love, pain, sorrow and health.I hope you can join me on this road and contribute to it.

I am writing a book about personal experience , about telling the story from your own mat, from your own inner world , from pain, loss and sorrow, from happiness and sadness, from finding love again and again and again….