I started reading this book as a strong believer in the benefits of yoga beyond the physical.

We are entering now the field of Yoga Therapy to recognize the broad range of benefits blooming out of the yoga practice.

In the body of the book 60 research scientist have contributed 17 chapters describing research evidence for yoga therapy in a variety of conditions.

“Yoga therapy is not a one-size-fits-all prescription because different bodies and minds, with different abilities and weaknesses, require individualized approaches.”

While medical research is working to grant yoga more legitimacy among doctors, policymakers and the public, McCall says, “I believe these studies are systematically underestimating how powerful yoga can be. Science may tell us that it decreases systolic blood pressure and cortisol secretion and increases lung capacity and serotonin levels, but that doesn’t begin to capture the totality of what yoga is.”

A 500 page book that will open your eyes regardless of your background, teacher, student, doctor or non believer.

I wanted to recommend the book as I have not come across it in my informational yoga quest until recently when it was handed to me as an anniversary present. I hope you find this book to be a great source of information that can stand as a starting point for different conditions  of the body and mind that can be addressed through the practice of yoga.

Amazon Link to the book.


Table of Contents from the book:   The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Healthcare